IP Australia

Self Service

A key part of IP Australia’s service is to help citizens in all matters related to patents & trademarks. This is a very technical topic.

IP Australia was actually one of the first #ThinkSmash clients. They brought some of their unique and unusual challenges to the session.

The challenge we were given to solve: “Adoption”

Unlocking value using cognitive services

In 2016, IP Australia was given the challenge to move digital adoption from 12% to 50% as they could not sustain the volumes and costs associated with growing demand from citizens.

We’re dealing with a complex topic within which there are multiple layers and as a government body we need to assure whatever is made public has a very high level of citizen satisfaction.

We needed to prove whether all the hype around cognitive platforms actually resulted in a service which could deliver a Customer Sat of 88%.

We took on this challenge as part of the Datacomp hackathon and discovered that we had a rapping hack ninja. Identify the 80-20 opportunity where VA could solve problems to a 88% customer sat and provide a clever way to involve the human touch at the right time.


Cost reduction


Digital adoption


Customer satisfaction


Wow factor

Creating the Value Exchange

This meant big changes to business process and new ways of engaging customers, orchestration across multiple business partners.

The ops teams who have years experience with IP Australia’s call center handled data migration and carefully curated it for a fit for purpose conversational UI

Data is like black gold, IP Australia were now able to mine and refine insights from the data to create more opportunities for value hacking.

Once there was an understanding of the power of congnitive systems, it became possible for Alex to span across departmnets like the ATO, etc.