Solving for


A unique and unusual challenge

Kotahi is a joint venture between Silver Fern Farms and Fonterra. Today, it provides a global supply chain management service to 40 NZ exporters. They specialise in delivering perishable goods on a global stage.

A key part of Kotahi’s service is to be able to prove that the goods have been maintained in pristine condition throughout the journey.


Our relationship with Kotahi started at our hackathon, Datacomp. They brought some of their unique and unusual challenges to the event: overcapacity.

30% capacity on a container was unsold before the ship arrived. How can we let the market know? We needed to solve for unsold inventory.

Unlocking value using real-time data sharing

The team at Datacomp quickly understood that there needed to be a way to allow other exporters to piggyback on the unused capacity. 

The ops teams handled data migration without loss, the dev-ops team delivered cost out and agile teams delivered new features.

Data is like black gold, Kotahi were now able to mine and refine insights from the data to create more opportunities for value hacking.

Once there was an understanding of the customer networks, it became possible to introduce new vendors to the mix.

This meant big changes to business process and new ways of engaging customers.

Kotahi were now able to create more opportunities for value hacking.