A New Border


Network Orchestration

There is an unprecedented number of people coming into and going out of NZ that causes challenges for multiple agencies across NZ.

Datacom is a partner of most of these agencies and based on unearthing the commonality of the problem in 2016, we proposed that these multiple parties come together to look at what an ideal Border Experience could look like. 

We orchestrated a Thinksmash® with  Auckland Airport, MPI, Customs Service, BARNZ, IDEMIA and NZ Immigration, centred around creating a new NZ Border Experience.

Reimagine a seamless travel experience that protects NZ

A meaningful change was required and we collectively believed with the right approach we can achieve a better traveller experience, enhanced security and protection and more efficient operations.

We collectively focussed on developing solutions for the following themes: Inbound Baggage Pre-screening, Arrivals & Departures, Biometrics, Integrated Communications, and Data Sharing.

4 active streams were unearthed and are being delivered as programs with a focus on borderless experience

A significant
opportunity to have a broader market impact across NZ and set the benchmark globally