A Re-imagined


Silver Fern Farms wanted to re-look at their whole supplier experience and re-imagine what builds loyalty with farmers. 

Effortless access to tools that enable the running of a sustainable farming practice

Silver Fern Farmer (SFF) is New Zealand’s biggest exporter of Beef & Lamb, building integrity into their supply chain and creating a top-notch supplier experience are seen as their two core drives for future success and sustainability. To enable this, it was essential to enhance the flow of information within their supply chain. They chose Datacom as their strategic partner to drive their digital transformation programme, all the way from strategy, to design, to execution. We used Datacom’s “Value Hacking” methodology to partner with SFF and unlock where the great 10X return opportunities existed and help build a 3-horizon programme.

The digital transformation project was kicked off with a series of ‘#ThinkSmash(R)’ workshops that involved stakeholders across the SFF supply chain, including farmer partners and field reps to name a few. The objectives of these workshops were to identify the supplier experience, employee experience and technology context which helped formulate a program to deliver to the business, supplier and employee expectations.  We have launched Horizion 1 and are in process of running the programme.

From a product design perspective, we realised the behaviour of farmers is different to normal consumer apps as the audience does not necessarily use apps every day nor is familiar with common interactions through digital channels. So how do you make a purposeful modern interface that is easy to understand.

From a technology context, we wanted to use the power and flexibility of a hyper-scale cloud.

For this we chose Microsoft to deliver it and being specific we wanted to utilise the full power of Azure.

The biggest innovation this work highlighted was that there is no one silver bullet to creating these outcomes rather a series of activities which form a program that delivers most value to suppliers and employees to make the Supplier experience as frictionless as possible.

Datacom Foundry Case Study - Silver Fern Farm