Trustpower is NZ’s 4th largest electricity retailer, and prides itself on providing best-in-class customer service.

They face a highly competitive and commoditised market, and had to re-imagine their business model, while doubling down on their customer service heritage

Unlocking value through CX & Digital platforms

Our customer research showed that most customers wanted a mobile app, and the first 90 days for a customer are the most expensive for Trustpower from a customer service perspective.

And it showed that top contact centre enquiries were account balance, payments, and outages.


of all customer contacts are now serviced without human intervention


Days into our rapid prototyping workshop to identify an opportunity to use a chatbot.


Chatbot innovation with Datacom handles more than 50% of balance & payment queries


Interns from the Microsoft Student Accelerator program produced an app concept in 10 weeks

Unlocking value through growing capability

We used #thinksmash to focus the product direction and roadmap, then we rapidly prototyped the solution, including sentiment analysis and chatbot/human hand-off.

The chatbot is integrated into their Oracle chat system, and is now a strategic digital platform to automate basic service interactions.

Streamlined join journey and the first 90 days through digital channels

Chatbot innovation with Datacom now handles more than 50% of balance & payment queries on webchat

Supporting Trustpower’s future-fit talent and capability growth